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Technical Support
Q) How to set-up a custom size pattern???
Create your on size pattern by using the custom mode under File/New.
Open the PDF File

Q) How to create a .png file within software program
See our PDF file attached to take you step by step through the process.
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Q) How to covert a .jpeg to a .png file
Se attached PDF file
Open the PDF File

Q) What is the best way to save your project??
You should save your project first as a FS File (to maintain the layers) and second as a png file, so you will be able to use the Auto Fill function of the software.

Q) What operating systems need to install Net Frameworks 2.0 by Microsoft
Every system except Vista and Windows 7 needs to install Net Frameworks 2.0 on their system before installing the software. You may already have it installed on your system. Try installing the software and if you need it, it will let you know.

Q) In order to create a repeat with the Auto Fill function what file type do I need to have?
In order to create the repeat through Auto Fill, you need to create a .png file. You can not open a .jpeg file and try to create a repeat.

Q) My software is crashing when I access the Quick Start Guide under the Windows pulldown box.
With systems that are running Windows 7 with 64-bit processors, you are unable at this time to reopen the Quick Start Guide once its been closed. You can either restart the program or access it through the help menu at any time without causing a crash.

Q) How to Install Fabric Studio Plus Additional Libraries with Windows 7
See detail instructions with PDF attached
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